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Submitted By:  mayia Britt

Our 5 year old Rett Girl has been using the Innowalk for 1½ months.
She is in the innowalk 1 – 1½ hours daily.
We measure muscle improvement in legs – relief of constipation – and her feet are warm after use – not like other standers where her feet gets cold really fast.
We like it very much.

innowalk is a unique motorized helping aid which grants disabled children assisted movements in a standing position. Its exquisite design is made to adjust perfectly according to the child’s size, mobility needs and personal motivation. The movement and resistance of this revolutionary device can accommodate any child based on their physical efficiency, and it increases motivation and confidence as it allows the child the opportunity for entertainment and social interaction.

9 comments to Innowalk

  • Jani Maria Lamb Munchen

    How do I buy this product? My daughter has
    esempre constipation problem is with cold feet, I found incredible. I live in Brazil would like to import. A hug.

    • Bridget

      Jani, follow the link to the company website, there you will find contact information for the company. Let us know if it works out for you and your daughter!

  • cyrene

    Since it’s not made in the US how can.we get one?

    • Bridget

      Unfortunatly there is no way to get this in the United States yet. You could email the company and ask when it may be available. Maybe the more people they have asking for it the faster they will bring it here 🙂

  • cyrene

    Hey Bridget still not available in US. Just curious if you could get it and we pay for it along with shipping?

    • Bridget

      Unfortunatly we can not get it either, Rett Girl is based in the US. Please see the above comment though, it looks as though it will be coming to the US this year!

  • Joshua Poulsen

    I checked this device out. It looks realy cool for Alex. But there is no one here in the US that sells it yet. So I emailed them, and got the great news that this year they will be selling in the USA.


    Thank you for your request.
    The Innowalk is not yet available in the US, however we have already made a distributor agreement with a US based company and they will start to promote, sell and deliver our product during 2013.
    We will soon publish the company name and contact info on our website;

    Please contact our distributor for more details.

    Best regards
    Jon Vegard Gundersen

  • Paula Ferreira


    I’m a mother of a girl, Inês, who has Rett syndrome and this Innowalk is something that could help her a lot. we’re from Portugal and my question is if theres any way we can find out the price and the nearest place to get it from.

    Thanks and regards


    • Bridget

      Please click on the “click here to visit” pink button, that will take you directly to the website that sells this item, you can contact them and ask if they have a local retailer. 🙂 Thanks Paula!

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