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Take a look around! We have a ton to share with you! (and please share with us!). Everything here is hopefully something that will help your little girl fight a stronger fight against Rett Syndrome. Check out our product reviews, tips from other families, resource guides and doctor/therapist list!

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Rett Girl! is only a referral site. Proceed with caution before purchasing an item, trying a new therapy or any of the tips recommended by our users on this site. Girl Power 2 Cure, Inc. is not liable for unsatisfactory or harmful outcomes. Especially in referrals involving diet, supplements or therapy, please check with your doctor before proceeding.

DIY Nailpolish Kit

What girl doesn’t LOVE nailpolish? This kit has everything you need to start mixing your own custom color polishes including eight colors you can mix and match with the help of blending tools and funnels, creating a chic, personalized bottle of lustrous lacquer is at your Rett Girls fingertips!

Surround Brush

Make brushing quicker and easier! The Surround Toothbrush has a unique 3-bristle pad design to clean all surfaces of the teeth at the same time.

Foot Spa

Your Rett Girl will Feel tranquil and relaxed, with the new waterfall foot bath from Conair! The full bubble action will sooth her soles, while the innovative waterfall will massage the top of her feet as it pampers her toes


Spongeables Spongelle Bodywash Infused Sponge is A revolutionary new technology combining the exquisite fragrances with time-release lather, olive oil and botanical extracts to make your Rett Girls skin glow and her face smile! It’s the Ultimate spa-at-home experience.

Disposable Swim Diaper

Disposable Swim Diapers! Awesome! Several different sizes fits 80-250 pounds!

Keifer Swim Diaper

Kiefer washable and reusable swim diapers are designed with worry free swimming in mind. White in color, lined with polyester and stain resistant, these suits can be worn alone or under other swimsuits. Kiefer swim diapers offer a trim fit for free movement and will not absorb water like standard diapers. Standard Youth Sizing.


Spa Diffuser

Grab your Rett Girls favorite essential oils (or the ones that help her sleep) and set up this diffuser in her room.

Ultrasonic diffuser creates a soothing, healing vapor.

Hypnotic color change from 6 rotating LED lights can be controlled with an on/off switch.

The Honest Company

Submitted By: Sara York

The Honest Company passionately believes in creating effective and unquestionably safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient, and affordable products for babies and homes.

Sara’s Comments to the Honest Company:

“I just felt compelled to write a thank you to The Honest Company for everything you have done for us. July 1st this […]

Snot Sucker

Nosefrida The Snotsucker, the doctor-developed and doctor-recommended nasal aspirator is the new standard in keeping babies naturally snot free. Ingeniously simple Swedish design features a tube that is placed against the nostril (not inside). Parents use their own suction to draw mucus out of their child’s nose. Disposable filters prevent any bacterial transfer. Nosefrida […]

Neck Massager

pa Massage Neck Massager:

Great for home, office and travel Offers comfort and relaxation Comfort fabric On/off button conveniently located on animal’s foot Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)

Personalized SpinBrush

Have your Rett Girl design her own toothbrush! With lots of fun handle designs, our kids brushes like my way!, spider-man, iron man, hulk, skateboard, butterfly, pikachu and wolverine have smaller power heads to fit smaller mouths, massage gums, and promote a lifetime of happy, healthy brushing.

Towel Warmer

Pop a towel into this great towel warmer when your Rett Girl gets in the bath, by the time she gets out you can wrap her in a toasty warm towel!

The Conair Home Therma Luxe Towel Warmer provides you and your family with the luxury of warmth whenever you want it. With just […]

DIY Bath Chair

Wanted to share Avery DIY shower chair with everyone. It’s awesome to have macguyver at home! He cut the ends off the plastic chair. Made a PVC base and screwed the legs to the chair and then used a heat gun to shape the legs to take the pressure off. I use the green […]

Bed Wetting Alarm for Potty Training

We purchased this potty training alarm from The Bedwetting Store. The alarm goes off when the accident is occuring. In the beginning I wrote down the times our girl would have an accident. I did find a pattern of times she would “go”. We are on a timed schedule. If a bathroom is near […]

Knot Genie Brush

Submitted By: Kelly Butler

No more fighting tangled hair. This is the best brush ever!

Swim Diapers for up to 110 pounds

The Sprint Youth Reusable Retainers are made of Polyester, with a PVC lining. They are to be used as a shield for incontinence problems, and they’re made with a wider, more comfortable waistband. These retainers are reusable, and can be washed in a washing machine. White only. Sizes: 6/7 (47-57 lbs.), 8/9 (58-72 lbs.), […]

Potty seat with step

The Kiddyloo is perfect for toilet training from 18 months old. It lets the child use the household toilets. The Kiddyloo is very comfortable and its enveloping shape reassures the child. The step keeps kids feet from dangling which aids in good circulation. This potty seat gets 4 out of 5 stars on reviews […]

Bumbo Potty Seat

Submitted By: Elaine Moffatt

I just wanted to recommend this potty seat. We took it on vacation with us and it helped Sierra sit on the toilet unsupported. Usually it is very difficult to hold her there! She is 8 and it was big enough for her.

Large Elite™ Reclining Shower Chair Only

NEW from Columbia Medical, the Elite™ Reclining Shower Chair Only is uniquely designed to maximize safety during bathing. Until now, caregivers and parents of children and adults with special needs have had to make up to as many as 4 or more transfers to get them from their beds to wheelchairs to bathtub and […]

Heated Throw.

Does you daughter have extreme shivers when she gets out of the bath? Try a heated throw on her bed turned on low just before she gets in the tub! Wrap her in it after drying while you gather her night time routing together to keep the chills away. Also a good thing to […]