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Take a look around! We have a ton to share with you! (and please share with us!). Everything here is hopefully something that will help your little girl fight a stronger fight against Rett Syndrome. Check out our product reviews, tips from other families, resource guides and doctor/therapist list!

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Rett Girl! is only a referral site. Proceed with caution before purchasing an item, trying a new therapy or any of the tips recommended by our users on this site. Girl Power 2 Cure, Inc. is not liable for unsatisfactory or harmful outcomes. Especially in referrals involving diet, supplements or therapy, please check with your doctor before proceeding.

PC eye and Rett Bundle

The Tobii Dynavox PCEye Mini is the smallest and most robust eye tracker on the market. It replaces the standard keyboard and mouse, allowing someone who faces communication and mobility challenges to navigate and control a laptop or small screen desktop computer using only their eyes. Ultimately, the PCEye Mini gives individuals greater personal […]

Word Discovery Game

This is a great educational game that includes a word board and letter cards that you can flip. It can teach your Rett Girl how to complete words and aid in spelling, reading and writing.

Snap Scene

communication a snap! Take a photo and tag it with recordings to let you child communicate on the fly. Snap Scene turns eryday moments into chances to learn to communicate naturally.

Communication Flip Books

Rett University has partnered with Susan Norwell to bring you her popular Communication Flip Books. The books have been professionally printed on durable Mohawk Performance Polyester plastic material that won’t tear, is weather resistant and environmentally friendly; Giving the users a durable set of communication books that they can take with them anywhere. All […]

Large Self Inking Stamp

Limited Edition Neon Stamps that allow your Rett Girl to sign her name to all her homework, valentines, notes to the teacher, friends, and so much more! Cases available in 3 flashy colors!

Computer Mounts

Ideas For Independent Living has all the mount options for your computer, floor stands, table stands, wheelchair mounts, etc. they even have an option to Create Your Own!


After working for many years for an AAC company in Germany, in 2001 Josh Lengemann, CEO decided to use his experience he gathered about the AAC field and his knowledge as Mechanical Engineer to develop a simple yet strong and versatile mounting system unifying several improvements. That same year the company REHAdapt Engineering was founded.

Mount n Mover Computer Mount

The Mount’n Mover is a versatile and accessible wheelchair mounting system that can be customized and changed, according to your needs

Independence within reach! Locks securely, but unlocks and moves easily Designed with a focus on positioning and ease of use Unsurpassed in flexibility and accessibility Models: Dual Arm, Single Arm, Tilt’n Turner (Shown […]

DAESSY Mounting System

The DAESSY Mounting System is a component based system that allows for customization and limitless configurations to meet mounting needs.

The core elements of the DAESSY Mounting System are the Standard DAESSY Wheelchair Mounts, the Desk Mounts and DAESSY Rolling Mounts. These mounts are available in a standard configuration, or can be modified with […]

DIY Floor Stand Mount

Submitted By: Susan Weisman Lee

Look what we created!! We turned the Levo book/tablet stand into a Tobii floor mount!! This will allow Alyssa to use her Tobii when sitting on the couch, in a chair, etc… Up to now we have only been able to use it when sitting at the kitchen table […]

Levo Floor Stand

This is a Great stand for an ipad or tablet or CLICK HERE to see how you can modify it to be a mount for the Tobii or other eye gaze computer.

Flexzi – Flexible Mount Clamp for Tablet

Finally you can get your device positioned right where you need it! Your tablet computer, mp3 music player, phones, disability switches, buttons, remotes, mini speakers, mirrors, games, handsets, toys and much, much more can be easily positioned to the right spot.

Flexzi is a flexible mounting device made of single strand of flexible plastic […]

I Pad Mount

Submitted By: Lorena Ramirez

I finally found something to mount Brenna’s Ipad & communication yes/no buttons to her wheelchair. They were very inexpensive. They are very flexible and can be bent to move in any way you need it.

LilGadgets CarBuddy Universal Headrest Tablet Mount

High quality, universal car headrest tablet mount. Compatible with all devices 7″-11″ (all generations of iPads and iPad minis, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Kindle Fires, etc…) Your tablet can easily be used in either Portrait or Landscape orientation, with or without a case. You maintain full access to device ports and controls. The CarBuddy installs […]

Learning Resources Talk Point Set Of 5

Simple buttons record and replay up to 10 seconds of clear sound. Use for activity instructions, reminder messages, word or sound practice, math fact exercises, speech therapy and more. Provide immediate self-assessment. Record and re-record instantly, or flip the switch to lock. Five bright colors. Each requires 1 replaceable 1.5V button-cell battery (included). Measures […]

Learning Resources Talk Bar

Slide in up to 6 cards and record a 10-second audio message for each! Press to play back. Ideal for sequencing, vocabulary, special needs (augmentative communication) or any subject. Includes 30 blank cards. Measures 4.5 x 21.75 x .75 Inches. Requires 3 AAA batteries, not included. Grades 2+

Tobii Eye Mobile

The Tobii EyeMobile allows for completely hands-free access to Windows 8 Pro tablets. It gives individuals with physical and communication impairments the ability to navigate, control and access apps, Internet, music, e-books, social media, games and more through the simple, natural and relaxed movement of the eyes, allowing them to live richer, more connected […]

APPlicator for iPad

The APPlicator allows you to use switches with your ipad


Scanning Switch Access New Home Function Four 3.5mm sockets for wired switches. Quick Media selection mode. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery via supplied USB lead. Small footprint (90mm x 64mm x 18mm). Pairs directly with iPad® through Bluetooth 2.1 without PIN number entry. Works with […]

Talk Back Mimicking Doggie

Submitted By: Tina Walton

This is the plush doggie that repeats anything said to it in a cartoonish voice. Inspired by a popular smartphone app, a press of his paw enables him to record anything he hears and mimic the speaker in a high-pitched voice. Touch sensors located in his foot and belly yield […]

My Talk App

MyTalkTools Mobile for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad enables people with communication difficulties to express their needs and desires to those around them. Your purchase provides permanent access to MyTalk Mobile (totally stand alone software) and a 30 day trial of optional MyTalk Workspace. Together, they represent a major breakthrough in augmentative, alternative […]