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Take a look around! We have a ton to share with you! (and please share with us!). Everything here is hopefully something that will help your little girl fight a stronger fight against Rett Syndrome. Check out our product reviews, tips from other families, resource guides and doctor/therapist list!

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Rett Girl! is only a referral site. Proceed with caution before purchasing an item, trying a new therapy or any of the tips recommended by our users on this site. Girl Power 2 Cure, Inc. is not liable for unsatisfactory or harmful outcomes. Especially in referrals involving diet, supplements or therapy, please check with your doctor before proceeding.

Cozy Canoe

Imaginative play meets relaxation. Cozy Canoe gives kids just the right amount of deep pressure for a calming hug as they sit, read or explore. Rock the boat to challenge balance reactions on pretend waves. Climb in and out for motor planning skills.

Supports children with sensory processing disorder, ADHD and autism Provides soothing […]

Hanging Chaise Lounger Chair

heavy duty powder coated metal frame and all weather-resist fabric with a pillow, umbrella and cushion, supporting up to 265lbs. The modern design fits with any backyard decor. It comes with build-in 46″ canopy, and 2″ foam filled PVC coated polyester cushion with built-in pillow for extra comfort. It is also a great piece […]

Butterfly in a Jar

Ever dreamed of keeping a butterfly in a jar forever? Now you can! The Butterfly in a Jar gift is like nothing you have ever seen. Unpackage the glass jar and activate the switch located inside the lid. No all you need to do is just tap the lid and watch the “butterfly” fly […]

Deep Sea Sand Art

This sandscape is an interactive, ever-changing, mesmerizing and versatile art pieces. Your Rett Girl will be visually stimulated by watching them evolve with a new creation with each turn.

Rainbow Maker

This rainbow maker uses the sun to fill a room with rainbows. Like an active piece of art, the piece revolves when powered by direct sunlight, catching and refracting pretty bands of color. The best part? No batteries necessary!


This rainmaker also makes colorful movement when the inside segments twirl and spin as the color beads fall through the tube.

Head Massager

To massage the scalp, place the tips flexible rods onto the scalp and gently move back-and-forth over the scalp Reduces tension by stimulating sensitive nerves in scalp Increase blood circulation Soothing and sensational Made with Copper


Chewbeads are safe, non-toxic, silicone chewable jewelry. This isn’t your average teether though, these are super cute, pieces of jewelry that your Rett Girl will be proud to wear!

Fiara Anti-blue Light Screen Filter

Light that is visible to the human eye is referred to as visible light, comprised of the following colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

Light that is visible to the human eye is referred to as visible light. However, invisible light, such as ultraviolet light is undetectable to the human eye. […]

Orbeez Spa Chair

Your Rett Girl can relax by immersing her body in the soothing softness of Orbeez. That’s right she can literally sit in an inflatable lounge chair filled with Orbeez. The Body Spa features soothing vibration and hand pouches to enhance her relaxation


Geleeo, an award-winning product, is the only self-cooling stroller liner ever invented. With proprietary hydrogel inside, Geleeo manages to stay a few degrees cooler than its ambient environment without prior refrigeration.


The Nekdoodle® is the perfect tool for swimmers of all ages and experience. Used for fitness, learn to swim, recreation/relaxation, and aquatic therapy, this versatile product is the perfect pool equipment for all.

All Position Umbrella with Universal Clamp

4-way swiveling umbrella Universal clamp connects to most surfaces Folds down together for compact transportation in included carry bag Swivels on two push button hinges for easy adjustment UPF 50+ lining for maximum sun protection […]

Misting System

Keep your Rett Girl cool all summer long with a mister! Just hook it up to the hose and it stands on it’s own.

Lil Gadgets Wireless Headphones

High quality, Bluetooth wireless headphones, sized for children 4+ and compatible with nearly all Bluetooth devices. Offered in six wonderful colors. Our ear pads and headbands are covered with our specially designed SoftTouch breathable mesh material for your child’s comfort. And the ear pads are manufactured with children in mind — we use some […]

LilGadgets Headphones

SharePort: No need for a splitter! One earpiece connects to the device and the other can connect to additional headphones. No additional cost or pieces of which to keep track! Includes a a microfiber carrying pouch to hold your foldable Connect+ headphones and a detachable 60″ 3.5mm audio cable to allow for greater range […]

Microwaveable Plush, Sheep

Cozy Plush fully microwavable heat able plush represent incredible value. Intelex is proud to have sold several million Cozy Plush designs worldwide over the past four years and this innovative range continues to outsell all other microwavable products on the market. All of Intelex’s soft toys are made in China using only the finest […]

The Ultimate List of Gifts for Sensory Seekers

Some great ideas for sensory seekers! Not all of these will work for all of our Rett Girls but still some great ideas.

Weighted Lap Pad

Lilly Pads are weighted Lap pads for sensory input. These are hand made by a Rett mom!!! And she uses the most adorable fabrics we’ve ever seen!


Don’t let a trampoline scare you! Just because your Rett Girl may not have hand function and may not be able to stand unassisted doesn’t mean she can’t still enjoy (and reap the benefits of!) a trampoline! Help her out, get her on the trampoline, position her hands to hold on (and do hand […]