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Take a look around! We have a ton to share with you! (and please share with us!). Everything here is hopefully something that will help your little girl fight a stronger fight against Rett Syndrome. Check out our product reviews, tips from other families, resource guides and doctor/therapist list!

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Rett Girl! is only a referral site. Proceed with caution before purchasing an item, trying a new therapy or any of the tips recommended by our users on this site. Girl Power 2 Cure, Inc. is not liable for unsatisfactory or harmful outcomes. Especially in referrals involving diet, supplements or therapy, please check with your doctor before proceeding.

National Grants and Funding

Small Steps in Speech: 

Small Steps in Speech is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization which provides grants on behalf of children with speech and language disorders for therapies, treatments, communicative devices, and other services aimed at improving their communication skills.    (Based in NJ but gives nationally) .

Wheelchair used vans assistance: 

Family must demonstrate that they do not have the resources to afford a vehicle on their own and show a good driving record. They will also be required to carry car insurance, register the vehicle and pick it up.      (Based in NJ but gives nationally) .

Neighbor to Nation:

Neighbor To Nation’s charities provide essential services to people all over the world. They help people who are homeless, hungry, disabled, sick, orphans, and affected by natural disasters – just to name a few of the causes our charities support.

Autism Care Treatment: (ACT-Today): 

Families need to make less than 100,000 a year are considered first. Families over are second reviewed. Families with more than one child of ASD are reviewed with priority. Amount of grant request – Typical grants awarded range between $100 – $5,000.Covers what insurance doesn’t in the care treatment of a child with Autism or Spectrum Disorder. See site for NOT covered items.  There are cycles to apply, but it constantly rolls every three months.  The application autmatically saves, as you fill it out.

Bright Steps Forward:  Intensive Pediatric Therapy funding: 40 locations in US./ Financial Based

Bright Steps Forward, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides funding for intensive pediatric therapy to financially disadvantaged children with neurological disorders such as cerebral palsy, disabilities of prematurity, autism and other congenital or acquired conditions that affect their physical functioning.Intensive pediatric therapy uses state-of-the-art therapy techniques, such as the Suit Therapy Method, A form fitting suit consisting of a cap, vest, shorts, kneepads, and specially adapted shoes, all connected to each other through a system of adjustable straps and elastic bands. and Hyperbaric Oxygen

National Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program:

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps keep families safe and healthy through initiatives that assist families with energy costs. We provide federally funded assistance in managing costs associated with:
  • Home energy bills
  • Energy crises
  • Weatherization and energy-related minor home repairs
Income based, priorities for elderly, disabled

National Home Free Ramps

Sam’s Children:

NY, NH, MA, CT or RI area funding for nonmedical equipment. A MUST SEE WEBSITE! Weighed blankets, ramps, van modifications, home, Ipads the list goes on and on. The stipulation: referral signed by doctor of the child or social worker, therapist showing how the equipment would be beneficial directly with the diagnosis.


Here is a site that funds for mobility issues! Explore their programs!

Variety aids children with physical challenges whose families cannot afford, nor obtain through insurance, necessary mobility equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, strollers, specially-designed adaptive bikes, and other mobility devices.

Variety provides funding for the equipment that helps them not only exercise and grow stronger, but also helps them engage with family, friends and classmates to become confident, independent, active members of their communities